Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Blue Bruised

Lift your top my mom screamed and let me see it properly. No mamma it hurts. I can’t even lift my arm I screamed in pain. You show it to me now ordered my mom. Reluctantly i slowly lifted my top over my shoulders. Awww came the response from my mom. It’s deep blue now and I know, I replied. My mom was standing behind me and looking at my bruise. It had turned blue.
So much pain was not felt 2 days back when the auto wala’s side view mirror rammed onto my right shoulder from behind while I was walking on the road even though I had a Jill came tumbling after” fall after the auto hit me, to escape embarrassment on the roadside, i quickly got up and gave a ugly look to the driver and hurried off, before anyone could notice much to the autowala’s happiness.
He disappeared from the scene at such high speed which would even surprise Bajaj Company on how fast their auto’s can really go. Mr Moov and Mr.Volini lay helplessly on the table. They had given up on me long back even after they joined forces to eradicate my pain go show it to the doctor my mom commanded again. It’s more than just a muscle pull. I looked at my back again in the mirror.
The blue patch round in shape of that of the auto’s mirror glared back at me. It will go away soon. I tried to convince my mom. No! Why don’t you show it to our doctor. My dad being a central govt officer, we were staying in a govt colony and we were provided with a doctor who sits below our block for 2 hrs daily just go down in lift, he will give you some medicine, take that and you will be fine”, my mom said.
What does my mom know about the pain I am going through the blue color indicated that something is terribly wrong out there. I put back my red top. I was wearing a skirt below. I had bunked college also for this reason. I was lazy to take bath Mom should I take bath and I enquired just then the calling bell rang. It was Shobha aunty bringing gossip from around the colony to my mom. They can chat forever forget it my mom told me.
Don’t take bath, just go down and get some medicines. Oh whatever and I mumbled. I adjusted my hair with the red tight top and knee length skirt, I slowly took the lift to the ground floor. One of the houses in the ground floor was turned into a medical room and the doctor sat there. I have never been there before. My mom goes there often for all her ailments, some true and some that she imagines she has.
I have always heard dad say that the doctor here is good as he was the one who prescribes his BP, cholesterol medication. I was in a bad mood altogether, it was not entirely due to the pain, but the fact that my birthday was coming up in 2 days and it was my last year as a teen after this and I would be twenty. That scared me but nevertheless and I was thinking of celebrating it with my friends. The naughty nineteen night out types.
The lift reached the ground floor an overwhelming pain shot up in my arms as i tried to pull the rusty grill to one side they never oil it. Not that i cared; until today atleast Dr. Kishore Mathur M.D.I pushed the door and i walked in. There was automatic lever that pushed the door back to closed position. The front hall was converted into waiting room for patients and one of the bedroom was where the doctor sat.
I saw that there were no patients waiting as always is the case. I walked towards the bedroom, where I saw a man sitting at his table staring at his laptop. He hurriedly closed the lid of his laptop when he saw me. He was around 55 years old, with grey hair, tall and looked healthy. The wrinkles on this face gave away his age. He motioned me to sit. I sat on the small stool near his chair.
The stool had revolving seat and I told him my dad’s name and he immediately recognized him. He asked me how my mon and dad were doing? I told him that they are all good. He asked me my name and I told him that I was Deepti. He asked me my problem. I told him that an auto hit me from behind and I have unbearable pain on my right shoulder on my back. He told me if I have applied some iodex or moov on it.
I told him that I have tried everything but the pain is not going. I told him that the portion has become blue in colour. He nodded his head and told me to turn sideways. He then touched my right shoulder blade and gave a slight preassure. I winced in pain. He slowly felt the part where I had pain and I confirmed this is the area. He told me to turn so that my back was facing him. He told me show me the bruise.
I was little reluctant but considering that fact that he was my father’s age, I did not object. I slowly lifted my top. Since the t shirt was not loose, my navel was getting exposed since I was not facing him, he was only able to see my bare back. The bruise was way above on the right shoulder. The top stopped rising as my breasts were now a hindrance to it smooth upward movement.
I tried to pull up only the back portion but the bruise was not visible. The doctor was quiet. He neither tried to help nor did he tell me to stop seeing no other option I pulled up my top above my breasts and my bruise became visible for the doctor to check. Anyone looking at me from the front can see my half breasts covered in a bra. My size was 34 my bra was not covering most of my skin. I covered my breasts with my hand even though no one was looking.
The doctor slowly ran his fingers on my bruise. He pressed the area around the swelling and I gave small cries of pain. He let me sit like that as his hands caressed my entire back at one place when he touched my shoulder blades, the pain was excruciating. He told me to get up and lie on the examination table. I tried to pull down my top and he stopped me saying, you can keep the top here.
I was kind a confused and I knew what that meant. I had to remove the entire top. The pain was so much that I was unable to lift my arms. So with my left hand I tried to lift my top over my head but i failed. The doctor saw this and with both hands he removed the top off me. I was in bra in front of him. I never felt weird as I saw him like a father figure. He helped me get up and made me sit on the bed. He asked me to lie on my front. I did so slowly as soon as I did.
He unhooked my bra from behind. He then slowly massaged my back with some ointment. He told me to endure some pain. The ointment had a burning sensation on me. My skirt had risen and now it was above my knees. I lay still as he ran his hands on my back. The burning feeling turned into a good sensation as the ointment took effect. What was weird was that his hands were even in places where there was no bruise.
The straps of my bra’s were now far apart. I am sure he could clearly see the side view of my breasts after rubbing my back at his will; he stopped and asked me to lie still after 3 minutes or so. He asked me to get up, but he did nothing to put back the strap of my bra with my left hand I tried to hold on to my bra from the front and managed to get up and sit. My bra hung loose on my breasts and it revealed most of my breasts to the doctor.
I wanted to put a hook on to it but my right hand was not ready to twist as the pain had hit me again. The doctor who was busy pretending to write medicines to me came back to me with a slip and saw me trying to put back the hook. Nah Nah beta, he said don’t wear it now. It will contract the muscles and the healing will take place slow you should avoid bras for time being saying that he told me wear only my top.
I slowly got down from the examination bed and walked towards the place where my top was placed. I turned around so that my back faces the doctor and completely removed my bra. I was standing topless .I slowly put my top with my left hand. He told me to come in the evening and he will give me pain killers in case pain did not subside. I said ok. It was a totally weird feeling in me. I was never asked to be topless in front of an unknown man.
I slowly walked back home and my mom was still busy chatting with our neighbour as expected. The ointment had taken effect. The pain was slowly reducing. It was not necessary for me to go back to him but I had an unexplainable urge to go back there. The whole feeling of being topless in there made my heart flutter with an unknown excitement. I did not have a boyfriend and no one had seen me like that before.
I removed my bra and I was still wearing that same top and skirt I wore in the morning. I lied to my mom that I will go to my friend’s house in the next building. I did not even know why I lied. MY heart was racing thinking about morning’s experience. I took the lift down to the doctor’s room when I reached I found that somebody was already in consultation. I could hear voices. I was about to turn back when I heard the voices grow louder.
I immediately went to the car parking and waited for the patient to go out when I was sure that they left and no one was there waiting for their turn to meet the doctor and I went in wondering why I was doing all this and there was a delight on the doctor’s face when he saw me. Come and sit here, he told me to sit in the same revolving stool. He asked me if the condition of my bruise has improved.
I told him that the pain had lessened for quite some time after he had applied the ointment but now it has come back. I was hoping that he would again do the massage instead of prescribing me a pain killer. Let me take a closer look at it now, said the doctor. My heart skipped a beat on hearing it. I remained still motionless, unable to do anything. Let me help you, the doctor said. He came closer to me and with both hands started lifting my top within seconds he took it off me.
My breasts came into full view of the doctor. There was silence from both the sides. We both tried to act professional. The doctor took his time to take a good look at my breasts. My nipples stood erect. I had goose bumps on my body as doctor touched my arms. He brought his stethoscope and pressed it directly on my breasts. He asked me to take a deep breath in. My breasts went in and the doctor listened carefully.
He was quite satisfied with the sound of it. He pressed the instrument on various places all over my breasts. He then stood up and came behind me to see the status of my bruise. He gently touched the bruise. He ran his fingers all along my back. My nipples stood erect now. I loved the feeling of his hands caressing my back. My panty was all wet. The AC was blowing cold air and breasts wanted to be squeezed. The doctor asked me to get up and follow him to the examination table again.
I slowly followed him and sat on the bed. He asked me to lie on my back to see if it pains while sleeping. I lifted my leg and put them on the table in the process my skirt rode high little above my knees. I did not bother to correct it. He asked me if i am feeling pain lying on my back. I told him not much. He said that he will apply some pressure to and I should tell him if it hurts a lot.
So he kept both his hands on my breasts, his palms cupping my entire breasts and slowly started pressing it. I let out a slow moan. He must have understood that I was in total control of his. He then teased me by slowly pressing my breasts all around. I had my eyes closed and was experiencing the most important and sensuous feeling of my life first time. He slowly moved his hands on to my navel.
The feeling of his fingers on my navel brought a shiver in me and I folded my legs and the skirt came sliding further up. My thighs were on display to him. He slowly ran his palm all over my bare stomach. I was feeling so aroused that I would have let him lick my navel now. I controlled my feelings. He did not stop but he had his hands on my skirt’s hooks. He asked me if I could loosen it up a bit.
I nodded he unhooked my skirt loosening my entire skirt as the hook gave away my belly button came into his view don’t ask me what’s the relation between my navel and pain in my back but all of this was happening and I wanted him to explore me more. He slowly pulled down my skirt revealing my black panty his fingers were exploring my belly button and I had my eyes tightly closed. He hands traced my panty line.
I wanted him to tear it apart but nothing of such sort happened. He asked me to get up. I was surprised but I kind of missed that some new patient had come in the waiting room. I was disappointed I quickly git up and adjusted my skirt and wore my top. He gave me a list of pain killers and told me to come back tomorrow. I was very excited. I was desperately waiting for tomorrow to come. I somehow finished college the next day.
My heart was hammering as I neared the doctor’s room. I saw him sitting in his usual place. He greeted me with a smile. I went near him. Without wasting time he asked me to go to the examination table. I put my bag down and sat on the bed. He asked me to remove the t shirt. Like obedient girl I took it off me and I wore a bra and jeans below. He asked me to take off the bra oo. I did that too and now I was topless like before.
He then cupped my breasts and started mauling it hungrily. I did nothing to stop him. We were crossing all levels of decency between a doctor and a patient. I closed my eyes and let his hands feel every inch of my breasts. I suddenly felt wetness on my breasts. I look down to see the doctor tongue exploring my nipples. He was licking it, kissing it, sucking it biting it all at once. I hugged his head as let his tongue lick through both my breasts. I was covered with his saliva.
I felt like he was a 1 year old trying to drink milk from breasts. He then started licking my neck, face and lips. His tongue was vigorously sucking my lips. I let him do what he wanted to. No point trying to control him now. He again got back to my breast where he swallowed my one breasts and started sucking it. The other hand of his was trying to remove my jeans. I tried to help him by removing the button and the zip. He pulled it down in haste.
He started kissing my thighs and then licking my inner thighs. I closed my eyes and ran my hands through his hair. He then looked at my panties and fumbled to get it down as soon as my vagina came into view; he pounced on it like a tiger. He started licking my inner walls of my vagina. I shuddered with pleasure. I had never felt jolts of pure pleasure shoot though my body like this before. I was dripping wet there.
He did not even take a break to breathe. I felt orgasm sweep into me. I felt his finger drilling its way into my love hole. I felt the first wave of jolt sweep pass me. I shivered. I closed my eyes tears flowed from my eyes. Then the second burst of orgasm consumed me. I jerked in pleasure and his finger was swiftly moving like a piston in an engine. My mouth was dry and I was experiencing a feeling that could never be described. I slowly looked down.
Things felt like slow motion but I knew I was having an out of the world feeling. Then the third wave of orgasm hit me, my legs jerked. I let go of my clutch on the doctor, he knew I was spent. He slowed the fingering. My body became weak. I lay on the bed, naked and the doctor stroked my hair. He kissed my lips. He brought a cloth and wiped the wetness on my vagina. I smiled he let me lie down for 10 minutes and i got up myself I dressed up. He smiled and nodded. I took my bag and left home.


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