Saturday, 31 December 2016

Accidental Introduction To Animal Sex

I was dog sitting my cousin’s dog, it was a big ol’ mutt, you know, a little of everything.
My cousin was going on a road trip and needed someone to watch her dog, I agreed to, so the dog stayed with me for the duration of her trip (10 days)
Let me tell you, this dog is mean as fuck,
he was always snapping at me and growling at me.
He scared the shit out of me, but I was told not to act like I was afraid around him because that makes it worse, and he could attack me.
The first 2 or 3 days were absolutely terrible, the dog hated me, but he started to get used to me after he realized that his master wasnt coming to get him at the end of the day.
on the 5th day of dogsitting, the dog raped me.
I really mean that.
I took a shower and the dog was barking at the door, and he was getting really annoying, so I jump out of the shower to see why the hell the dog was barking, I still had soap all over me and shampoo in my hair.
I open the door the dog comes bounding in, sniffs my crotch. I push him back and yell “get out! you go!” and he leaves and takes off down the hall.
Shampoo had dripped down into my eyes and it was hurting so I shut them tightly and try to make my way to the sink, and end up knocking over a decorative bowl of seashells. it falls to the floor and breaks, sending shards of glass and rough shells scattering across the floor.
I fumble for a towel and wipe my eyes, but it was still hard to see, but I couldn’t walk anywhere because of the broken glass and shells.
I carefully sweep aside the debris to get down on the floor and pick the the mess.
no sooner did my knees touch the ground, that fucking huge mutt is on my back, humping me, I push him off once and he came back.
I pushed him off again and he bit my arm, it didn’t bleed, but it hurt, then he mounts me again and knocks me to the floor, I land in the fucking pile of glass and shells.
He’s still humping me, trying to fit his nasty cock in my womanhood.
I try to push him and he starts biting at my neck, and I could feel him break the skin, so I had to be still, on my hands and knees as a dog fucked my pussy.
It hurt so fucking bad and I couldn’t do anything about it.
I had to take it.
I had glass embedded in my arms and a bite on my neck, and my pussy was getting tore up by him.
finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he came and it was over.
I moved out of the glass shards and began to dig them out of my arm and the dog started to lick his jizz out of me. I let him, I was afraid that he’d bite me again.
I won’t like, I was enjoying his tongue on my pussy, and I so I reached down and started to masturbate. I mean, I had already become his bitch, I can’t really get much worse than that.
The smell of my pussy juices must have made him horny again because I could see his dick started to grow again. I ran off to my room, and he chased after me.
I just bent over on the bed and let him lick my pussy until he was ready to mount me again.
The second time I really enjoyed being his bitch.
I let that dog fuck me whenever he wanted to until my cousin came to get him. The dog seemed a little upset that he had to leave, but he was also very happy to see my cousin.
So it makes me wonder if she is his bitch too?
I will probably never fuck another dog, since this incident wasn’t really something I intended, I just took advantage of the situation afterward.


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